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While immersing ourselves in wine culture, we realized, not a lot of people looked like us. We’ve learned the lack of wine education, access to good wine and the misnomer—wine is only for the wealthy—prevents more people from enjoying wine culture. Wine is complex, but you don’t have to be a sommelier (wine expert) or wealthy to enjoy a glass of wine.

That's why we created Noire Valley. We curate wine experiences that allows professional black women, like you, learn the ins and outs of wine culture with our crew, or yours, without feeling out of place.

Our favorite wine experiences have allowed us to connect and have fun without feeling the pressure of having to code-switch. It's always been important for us to show up for ourselves as ourselves. Being a part of wine culture has helped us to "wine down" and realize an amazing and simple truth that we want to share with you:

Selfcare isn’t selfish. It's ok to prioritize yourself, even when you have so many responsibilities as a busy professional, a mom, wife, or an entrepreneur.

Noire Valley was created to allow you to have a safe space to learn all things wine. We want to make sure you can be part of this luxurious environment without feeling intimated or judged. Our experiences are an invitation for you to have fun, laugh, and celebrate yourselves and each other in a carefree environment. We've created a space that allows you to live life as your best self the way you see fit.

We are sharing an opportunity to consciously create incredible memories while learning about a culture that will elevate you in so many ways—the most important being self-discovery. You'll gain new perspectives and new preferences. Your palate will become more sophisticated, and you'll enhance your social experiences.  


Cork Culture Just Became More Fun

We can’t wait to sip with you!






I am an attorney by trade, emotional intelligence coach by purpose, and a wine enthusiast by hobby.

Fun Fact

I enjoy more complex white wines from Italy. I am looking forward to continuing with my wine education (WSET), learning more about Italian whites and picking a favorite wine region.


Red or white

Red wine smells like poop. I’m a white wine drinker.

Favorite Wine

Arneis and Grillo (for now)

Favorite time to drink wine

Wine is a huge part of my self-care routine. I like to drink wine when I need to decompress after a long day and relax.



I’m a psychotherapist by day and a red wine enthusiast by night.

Fun Fact

I enjoy all things connected to culture. I love the arts, travel, studying abroad and of course WINE CULTURE! I believe that wine can “level up” any event and is a great way to merge self-care and community. I haven’t been on a tour I didn’t enjoy. I’d love to visit vineyards in Italy and Spain soon.

Red or White


Favorite Wine

Tempranillo and Syrah

Favorite time to drink wine

2-3x a week after a long day or with a nice pasta dish.




I am an attorney by day, and a wife and mom of two by night.

Fun Fact

I love all things red wine. My favorite tour has been a tour and tasting on Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii, Italy. But most of my favorite wines are from Washington State!

Red or White


Favorite Wines

Syrah and Zinfandel. Sometimes my favorites change with the seasons but these two have been pretty constant in my wine journey.

Favorite Time to Drink

Wine is always my first choice no matter the time of day. It’s 5:00 pm somewhere!

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